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Laundry, Randhir Singh. 01/16/2015

Randhir Singh, Photographer and Architect

Najafgarh Drain

Hastsaal-Palam Drain Delta

Sally Aul, Laurence Holland, Audrey Hughes, Fall 2016

Water Infrastructures

Comprehensive Vision. Re-Centering Delhi Team 12/14/2016

Re-Centering Delhi Team, Fall 2016.

UVa Spring Symposia: March 16 and April 14

A series of symposiums with faculty researchers at the University of Virginia mark the opening and conclusion of the Spring 2017 session of the Yamuna River Project, focused on the work produced in partnership with the Delhi Jal Board regarding the Najafgarh Drain. Read further to learn more about the multidisciplinary conversations from the March and April symposiums.

Photo by Phil Chang

YRP Summer Research Trip to New Delhi

A multidisciplinary team will travel to New Delhi from July 22 to July 30 to continue investigating issues of hydrology, social entrepreneurship and governance along the Najafgarh Drain. Faculty and students will travel and engage with local experts and community members to understand the broader implications of multidisciplinary research in New Delhi,  while using Maheshwar, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad as comparative case-studies for global cities faced with global challenges.

Jeff Legro and Keshav Chandra sign the MOU between UVA and the Delhi Jal Board

MOU Signed with the Delhi Jal Board, July 2016

The outcome of a series of meetings with the Indian Government, the Delhi Government and the governmental agencies related was a memorandum of understanding signed during a July 2016 visit between the Delhi Jalboard (Water Agency of Delhi) and the University of Virginia. The object of the MOU is the study during the next five years of the 58 km of the Najafgarh Drain, which accounts for 60% of the pollution in the Yamuna.

February 26, 2017

Yamuna River Project Spring 2017 Video

Video presentation of the Yamuna River Project, the interdisciplinary pan-university research project of the rejuvenation of the Yamuna river and its opening to the city of Delhi.

Central Yamuna

Low-income housing proposal, south elevation

Eric Barr, Fall 2014

Central Yamuna

Cultural forum at the India Gate

Joe Brookover, Fall 2015

2017 Exhibition Catalog

YRP 2017 India Habitat Centre Exhibition Catalog

From March 29-April 08, 2017, the Yamuna River Project, in partnership with the Delhi Jal Board, presented a critical set of design strategies surrounding the Najafgarh Drain at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, extending the Project directly into the eyes of the public and further. Use this link to head to the MEDIA page to review the official exhibition catalog.

The Yamuna. Photo by Randhir Singh.

THE GUARDIAN: Ganges and Yamuna Rivers Granted Same Legal Rights as Human Beings

A recent article by The Guardian describes how the Ganges has "become the first non-human entity in India to be granted the same legal rights as people." This decision has significant environmental implications, resulting in the establishment of a management board and stricter regulations regarding pollution and waste management facilities. Read the full article at The Guardian.

YRP Director Pankaj vir Gupta discusses IHC exhibition with LG Anil Baijal.

On Wednesday, March 29, a complete schedule of talks and presentations will preface the inauguration of the YRP Exhibition at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi, India. After entering into a five-year agreement with the Delhi Jal Board in partnership with the University of Virginia, the Project presents a comprehensive strategy for the rejuvenation of all drains and water-bodies in New Delhi. The exhibition in India will be open to the public until April 07. A full schedule of events can be found here.

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