The Yamuna River Project

February 26, 2017

Video presentation of the Yamuna River Project, the interdisciplinary pan-university research project of the rejuvenation of the Yamuna river and its opening to the city of Delhi.

Tulane University School of Architecture, New Orleans

In November 2019, Pankaj Vir Gupta, Co-Founder of the Yamuna River Project spoke at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture conference in New Orleans.

Re-centering Delhi: A Piece of the City

Yamuna River Project Studio "A Piece of the City" Wins ARCHITECT Magazine's Studio Prize 2019

Now in its fourth year, The Studio Prize by ARCHITECT Magazine, celebrates excellence in design education by recognizing thoughtful, ethical studio courses from accredited architecture schools around the world. The students enrolled in the winning courses receive a cash prize from a $25,000 purse furnished by the program’s exclusive sponsor, Sloan. Every year, a studio with a focus on sustainability, specifically water conservation, is singled out as the winner of the Sloan Award. In 2019, the Yamuna River Project studio titled "A Piece of the City" was one of the six recipients of this award.

Tulane University School of Architecture, New Orleans

This dialogue intends to address cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations addressing grand challenges at the intersection of urbanization and river and coastal dynamics. With Tulane University’s recognition for expertise in water, riverine and coastal territories and University of Virginia’s pioneering innovative urban research project, the Yamuna River Project, a dialogue discuss- ing methods of inquiry, cross disciplinarity, and potential opportunities is initiated.

Agricultural Ghats: New Delhi Agricultural Spine

Yamuna River Project Student, Christian Kochuba, Wins Multiple Awards for Studio Project Completed Fall 2018

The project imagines a Delhi which has a powerful and sustainable relationship with its food, its soil, and its river. A entire community which prospers as farmers increase healthy yields through agricultural best practices, and residents interact daily with their local productive ecologies. Conceptually partnering with a variety of Delhi's governmental departments, universities, and NGOs which seek to provide education and resources to Indian farmers, this is a proposal for a new type of productive park. Re-imagining an emptied drain corridor, the space is a place for clean organic agriculture to be displayed.

Fall 2018 Yamuna River Project Studio Work

Students focused on research topics including water remediation, housing, sanitation, public space, and markets to name a few. Collectively these projects were combined to propose an example of "A Piece of a City".

Darcy Engle

YRP Welcomes Darcy Engle as Research Fellow

Darcy Engle, a recent graduate from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and YRP Studio participant in 2018, joins the team as a research fellow for the 2019-2020 year.

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, (NGMA), Ministry of Culture,

Government of India in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi is

pleased to announce the artistic project “PhY” on the Art Adda platform, with the

presence of H.E. José Ramón Barañano, Ambassador of Spain to India and Director, NGMA on Friday 30 th November 2018 from 5.30 pm onwards .

Yamuna River Project Book, Actar Publishers

On April 27th, 2018 The Yamuna River Project launched its first book at an event hosted by the Embassy of Spain in India. This event was a seminal moment in the development of the Yamuna River Project and garnered public support from Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs Hon. Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, Mr. U.P. Singh; the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and former CEO of the Delhi Jal Board, Mr. Keshav Chandra among others.

Richa Vuppuluri

YRP fellowship for Doctoral studies awarded to Richa Vuppuluri

Richa Vuppuluri will be pursuing a PhD in Constructed environment at the School of Architecture, University of Virginia and has been awarded the grant in partnership with the school of Architecture.

Photo by Randhir Singh

YRP offers grants ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 to fund research projects addressing the multidimensional challenges for the recovery of the relation between Delhi and its  sacred River Yamuna by faculty and/or students. The first of the three annual calls for proposals is open until January 31, 2017.

María González Aranguren

María González Aranguren Joins YRP Studio at the  School of Architecture, UVA

María González Aranguren, architect and urban planner from Madrid,  has joined the School of Architecture at UVA as Lecturer and will be teaching the Yamuna River Project studio in Fall 2018

Yamuna Ghat, Photo by Randhir Singh

NPR : Can India's Sacred But 'Dead' Yamuna River Be Saved?

A recent article by Julie McCarthy, published on the NPR website talks about the situation of the Yamuna river. Highlighting the pollution levels and its urban and environmental impact, along with problems at the administrative level that lead to unaccountability of the municipal authorities. Read the full article at the NPR.

UVA Spring Symposia: March 16 and April 14

A series of symposiums with faculty researchers at the University of Virginia mark the opening and conclusion of the Spring 2017 session of the Yamuna River Project, focused on the work produced in partnership with the Delhi Jal Board regarding the Najafgarh Drain. Read further to learn more about the multidisciplinary conversations from the March and April symposiums.

The Yamuna. Photo by Randhir Singh

THE GUARDIAN: Ganges and Yamuna Rivers Granted Same Legal Rights as Human Beings

A recent article by The Guardian describes how the Ganges has "become the first non-human entity in India to be granted the same legal rights as people." This decision has significant environmental implications, resulting in the establishment of a management board and stricter regulations regarding pollution and waste management facilities. Read the full article at The Guardian.

Jeff Legro and Keshav Chandra sign the MOU between UVA and the Delhi Jal Board

MOU Signed with the Delhi Jal Board, July 2016

The outcome of a series of meetings with the Indian Government, the Delhi Government and the governmental agencies related was a memorandum of understanding signed during a July 2016 visit between the Delhi Jal Board (Water Agency of Delhi) and the University of Virginia. The object of the MOU is the study during the next five years of the 58 km of the Najafgarh Drain, which accounts for 60% of the pollution in the Yamuna.

Comprehensive Vision, 2016 Re-Centering Delhi Research Team

Re-Centering Delhi Team, Fall 2016.

Urbanization of Coronation Pillar

Abe Wilson, Fall 2017

Hastsaal-Palam Drain Delta Reclamation

Sally Aul, Laurence Holland, Audrey Hughes, Fall 2016

Rethinking Jaipur's Markets, Jaipur Rajasthan

YRP Student, Wenyan Yu, Wins Award for Jaipur Markets Studio Project Completed Fall 2019

Through the urban research phase and trip during the semester, Wenyan became fascinated with one of Jaipur's most active public spaces; the market. After analyzing these spaces further, she designed a proposal which responded to the shortcomings of the network of market spaces in the city, identifying where and how a diversity of retail spaces could be integrated and made more widely accessible. The project was designed as a catalog of spaces where typical and related functions of markets can unfold.

Fall 2019 Yamuna River Project Studio Work

Students from University of Virginia School of Architecture and Tulane University School of Architecture collaboratively focused on four main research topics including water, urban ecologies, socio-economics, and transportation. This shared research base was the foundation for their studio projects located at critical identified sites around the City of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

October 5 - 13 2019

YRP Fall 2019 Studio Research Trip to New Delhi

Fourteen students from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and ten students from the Tulane University School of Architecture traveled to New Delhi and Jaipur this fall. They focused their research in Jaipur to gain a comprehensive understanding of water scarcity and the urban condition of the city. This research trip further supports their propositions for the city.

At The Heart of New Delhi: Orchestrating a New Sustainable Water Ecology

Yamuna River Project Students, Cong Nie and Hangyu Shi, Win Award for Studio Project Completed Fall 2018

The key idea of our studio was to offer a dense informal settlement on the current floodplain of the Yamuna River a nearby planned community which integrates engineered water systems through green infrastructure insertions. These systems work across scales and typologies from topography, plantings, and wetlands to retention ponds and varied circulations. These systems are woven together to create a resilient ecology for the integration and education of the new community, allowing the floodplain to restore and reflecting on the vernacular landscape.

Approaching Sanitation: A Typological Response to the Study of Sanitation Infrastructure in New Delhi, India

Yamuna River Project Student, Darcy Engle, Wins Multiple Awards for Studio Project Completed Fall 2018

One of the primary contaminants of the Yamuna River in Delhi is fecal matter. This pollution comes to the river, in part, as a result of a lack of bathroom infrastructure. In response to this issue, the research conducted throughout the project began by identifying locations where there is the greatest need for bathroom infrastructure. In analyzing these locations, scales and types of bathrooms were designed for these typical urban scenarios. The overarching goal of the designed interventions is to provide new solutions to public bathrooms while bringing them closer to the people who need them most.

Bahar Dutt

YRP Research Fellowship Awarded to Bahar Dutt

The Yamuna River Project, awarded a Research Fellowship to Bahar Dutt. She is an award winning Environmental Journalist in India, appointed as a fellow for a three month term. She brings her communications expertise to develop an advanced profile for the YRP in India.

YRP Team

Yamuna River Project Book, Actar Publishers

Yamuna River Project: New Delhi Urban Ecology, by Iñaki Alday and Pankaj Vir Gupta, was recently selected as one of the top 10 architectural books of the year by the Frankfurt Book Fair and German Architecture Museum (DAM).

October 5 - 15 2018

YRP Fall 2018 field trip to New Delhi

12 students at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, participating in the Yamuna River Program Studio visited New Delhi from Charlottesville this fall. The students conducted research on the supplementary drain and Najafgarh drain and will propose interventions in this region.

September 9 2018

The research conducted by the Yamuna River Project in New Delhi was recently covered by the renowned Spanish newspaper ABC Sociedad.  The article highlights the urban problems faced by the rapidly urbanizing city of Delhi and the critical situation of pollution in the Yamuna.

2017 YRP Annual Report

The 2016 - 2017 academic year marked the first year of the Yamuna River Project as a pan-university project at The University of Virginia. This annual report outlines YPR's accomplishments and future objectives.

Mriganka Saxena

The Yamuna River Project (YRP) has had resounding success in the NCT of Delhi over the past few years. Opportunities now exist for new partnerships and associations within the NCT and beyond with the aim to make significant on-ground impact and expand the leanings from the Delhi experience to similar contexts in other parts of the country. Extending her experience in the public sector in this domain, Mriganka aims to prepare a strategy for re-positioning YRP within the Administrative and Political structures to meet the above aim and forge new alliances.

YRP Director Pankaj Vir Gupta discusses IHC exhibition with LG Anil Baijal

On Wednesday, March 29, a complete schedule of talks and presentations will preface the inauguration of the YRP Exhibition at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi, India. After entering into a five-year agreement with the Delhi Jal Board in partnership with the University of Virginia, the Project presents a comprehensive strategy for the rejuvenation of all drains and water-bodies in New Delhi. The exhibition in India will be open to the public until April 07.

2017 IHC Exhibition Book

YRP 2017 India Habitat Centre Exhibition Book

From March 29-April 08, 2017, the Yamuna River Project, in partnership with the Delhi Jal Board, presented a critical set of design strategies surrounding the Najafgarh Drain at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, extending the Project directly into the eyes of the public and further. Use this link to head to the MEDIA page to review the official exhibition catalog.

2016 Re-Centering Delhi Research Team Trip to India

A list of the various research projects affiliated with the Yamuna Research Program.

Laundry, Photo by Randhir Singh

Randhir Singh, Photographer and Architect

Waste Sorting Complex

Zhilan Song and Yolanda Zhao, Fall 2017

Jahangirpuri Marsh Restoration

Vida Shen, Fall 2017

India Gate Biodiversity Park

Rajpath Cultural Connection to the Yamuna

Joseph Brookover, Fall 2015

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