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Laundry, Randhir Singh. 01/16/2015

Randhir Singh, Photographer and Architect

Art History

Krishna as Venugopala, the flute playing protector of cows, at the bank of the Yamuna. By Hasam, son of Mamadin, dated 1766 CE. India, Rajasthan, Bikaner. Opaque color and gold on paper. Private collection.

The Dark Goddess of the River

Daniel Ehnbom, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Virginia

"The Yamuna River has been an important subject in Indian art from at least the fourth or fifth century on; either as a goddess, or as a river that is itself a site of important events in the lives of gods and goddesses; in the lives of people who live along its banks; in the lives of emperors and princesses, who built forts and palaces and tombs on its banks.


The Yamuna River occupied the Indian consciousness for millennia, and it is still the subject of contemporary art investigation in multiple disciplines."

Daniel Ehnbom, Associate Professor of Art History, U.Va.


Vikas Marg Bridge, Delhi. Phil Chang 10/07/2015

Delhi's Journey to the Yamuna

Phil Chang, Photographer and Masters of Architecture Candidate, University of Virginia

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