The Yamuna River Project

Sewage Treatment and Marsh Regeneration

Vida Shen

Jahangirpuri marsh is one of the most critical ecosystems in Delhi, facing serious issues such as waste dumping, marsh drying and water quality decreasing. It has dramatically decreased in size over the decades, especially between 2001 and 2013 due to:

- Encroachment of edges by waste dumping & human sprawl

- Ground runoff being cutoff by highway system and human construction

- Dirty storm water and sewage as pollutants to the marsh.


Coronation Pillar Sewage Treatment Plant, also a major source of pollution with over 40MGD capacity, collects sewage from 9 communities and dumps effluents and dirty water into the marsh.


The project proposes a hybrid sewage treatment system to feed the marsh and supply the drain & Yamuna with clean water while reconnecting the city and the marsh. Constructed wetlands are used to treat semi-clean sewage that borrows water from STP after treatment to divert clean effluents into the supplementary drain. The idea is to restore the decaying marsh, replenish surrounding water bodies and aquifer, while providing people with a multi-functional wetland as a new public space.

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