The Yamuna River Project

Solid Waste Management - Zero Waste City

Yolanda Zhao, Zhilan Song

Tackling the dysfunctional waste management system and gigantic “landfill”,  the proposal is trying to propose a zero-waste management system specifically for Delhi's current waste management dilemma.

The proposed waste management network will include:

1. The Sorting Complex - hybridization of the waste economic industry with housing, recruiting “illegal“ informal waste pickers as service providers.

2. Inert hill Parks - the Landfill-mining and reclamation compost  hill parks.


1. Formalizing and reorganizing the informal waste collection and recycling system and maximizing the recycling efficiency and economic value.

2. Protecting the waste pickers’ livelihood and providing them better living condition.

3. Proposing waste-built hill parks-new typology of public space.

4. Reducing air and ground water pollution caused by existing landfill and dysfunctional waste management system.


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